Hour in the Word Podcast

Holy Sexuality 3: Male and Female He Created Them.

October 20, 2021

This podcast takes our weekly lessons during our Bible study time, called Hour in the Word, and distills them down for you to enjoy while you’re eating your lunch, working out, talking a walk, driving to work, or whatever else you might do throughout the week when you want to be encouraged, challenged, and energized to live out God’s Word in your everyday life. We tackle tough topics from a Christian perspective, and we take the Bible seriously as God’s wisdom for us in every sphere of our lives.


This week Bryan and I continue our series called Holy Sexuality: living as Creatures in God’s World. This lesson is all about God’s design of us as male and female, and in it we dig deep into the Bible’s vision of the basic diversity and unity that is human beings as male and female. We’ll look at Genesis again and see how this design is linked to our role as God’s image bearers, and we’ll narrow in on Jesus’ own body to see God affirming and redeeming this facet of human reality. Our desire is that as you listen you find hope that, even as we are broken in our maleness and femaleness, the life and body of Jesus provides hope for that part of us as well.   

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